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Posted: 20 Jan 2021, 10:28 


I am facing issue in understanding some behavior of AutoCal and Campari with specific arguments, such as LibPP/LibFoc and all the Fozens* opt.

First, AutoCal comes with both LibPP/LibFoc and FocFree/PPFree. They clearly refer to the same parameters, I suspect some legacy reasons for both to exist. Nonetheless, when testing all combination, it seems to all lead to the same results, which is for AutoCal, no changes compared to when using =0 or =1, so it seems that this is not taken into account, while other calibration model (i..e, Radial*) does understand this and actually does what I want for PP and/or Foc.

So first, is there any real difference between FocFree and LibFoc (same for PP)? Which one should we use?

And, while Campari actually takes into account when LibFOC=0, Autocal does not care and adjust Foc and/or PP whatever I specify either Lib{Foc/PP}=0 or {Foc/PP}Free=0. The focal length is adjusted.

My second point is related to the Frozens* (i.e., FrozenPoses, FrozenCenters etc.). As it stands, this is for fixing (so no adjustment) some images. So, while I am using these arguments, I can still see that the concerns images (I should say orientation.xml files) are changed for those considered by the Frozens*. So it seems that these arguments are not doing what they should do, or my understanding is erroneous and that frozen is not to freeze bloc.

Is is possible to have some clarification with these two aspects?

 Thank you.

NB. I am using the very last version of MicMac (built from last week, and this behavior is seen since am I using MM, so 7 years roughly).


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