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Use GrapheHome function
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Author:  akamoritendo [ 07 Mar 2021, 07:31 ]
Post subject:  Use GrapheHome function

Hi everyone, i'm new MicMac user. There's a little bit catchy point.
It was written in documentation that GrapheHom is a command for generate images pair file (.xml).

In the other hand if you're running OriConvert you will get images pair file (.xml) too.

When i compared both of them there's big difference. GrapheHom has more pair within Im1 and Im2 (approximately 167,000 pair). In the opposite file pair of OriConvert only generate 7,000 pair.

Do you know why? If could be like that, is it possible if i say that GrapheHom result more "trust" that OriConvert?

And my for the convergent data especially closerange photogrammetry for monument, is it okay if i use image pair file (.xml)?

Thanks everyone, enjoy your day :)

Author:  Luc.Girod [ 09 Mar 2021, 08:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Use GrapheHome function


What parameters are you using for either options? OriConvert only pairs images that have location tags close to each other (according the DN parameter).

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